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    Orthopedic treatments cover a wide range of conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. In this context, fracture treatment involves setting and stabilizing bones correctly. Joint replacement surgery addresses damaged joints by replacing them with artificial implants. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for diagnosing and treating joint problems. Soft tissue repair focuses on surgically addressing damaged tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

    Additionally, spinal surgery is employed for conditions such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis. Sports medicine manages injuries related to sports activities. Orthopedic trauma surgery addresses severe musculoskeletal injuries caused by accidents. Orthopedic oncology involves the surgical removal and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors. Hand surgery addresses conditions affecting the hand, wrist, and forearm. Pediatric orthopedics specializes in musculoskeletal issues in children. Orthopedic rehabilitation involves tailored programs to support post-surgery recovery. Foot and ankle surgery addresses various conditions affecting the feet and ankles.

    Moreover, orthotics/prosthetics applications involve designing and fitting custom devices for support or replacement.

    Let’s look at the most popular ones to get more information. If you’re any questions about orthopedics in Turkey, you can easily contact us!

    Scoliosis Surgery Istanbul

    Scoliosis Treatment

    Scoliosis treatment aims to correct or control an abnormal curvature of the spine. Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves sideways. Treatment usually depends on the curvature degree, the patient’s age, the severity of symptoms, and the cause of scoliosis.


    If scoliosis is mild, doctors often monitor the patient regularly. This prevents further progression of the curvature and allows natural correction over time.

    Physical therapy and specific exercise programmes are widely used to treat scoliosis. Physiotherapists design exercises to strengthen muscles, improve posture and reduce scoliosis effects.

    Adolescents with progressive scoliosis may use special braces. These are worn to control a specific curvature and prevent it getting worse.

    If you have a severe curve or if your scoliosis is significantly affecting your life quality, you should have surgery.

    First, the patient receives general anesthesia.

    Then surgeon makes an incision in the skin over the spine. This helps them to see the spine clearly. To expose the spine, the muscles are moved slowly.

    After that, surgeon prepares the vertebrae by removing the cartilage. Small pieces of bone are placed between the vertebrae to help fusing them. This is called a bone graft.

    In some cases, your doctor may use metal rods and screws to stabilise your spine. After the correction, the incision is closed with stitches or staples.

    Scoliosis Surgery prices in USA start from €90.000. On the other hand, this treatment costs in France are €25.000, while it starts from €20.000 in Germany. So, Turkey is more affordable as scoliosis surgery prices start from €17.000.

    Limb Lengthening

    It is a surgical procedure and is generally used to increase bone length. The goal is to correct shortness or increase length, especially in the legs. 

    Ilizarov Technique

    • Description: Wires through cut bone fixed to circular fixator for lengthening.
    • Process: Bone and soft tissue pulled apart up to 1mm/day.
    • Application: Used for extremity lengthening and treating various fractures.

    Combined Lengthening Technique (LON: Lengthening Over Nails):

    • Description: Device inside and outside leg for 2-3 months of lengthening.
    • Process: Outer part removed after 3 months; inner nail removable after full bone mend.
    • Outcome: 6-7 cm lengthening in one session, 10-14 cm for both lower and upper leg.

    Precice Intramedullary Lengthening Technique:

    • Description: Motorized nail in bone with remote controller for lengthening.
    • Process: Nail removal post full bone mend; 12-15 cm for both legs, 6-8 cm in a single session.

    Precice Stryde Lengthening Technique:

    • Description: Titanium nail in the leg for lengthening, an improved version of Precice 2.2.
    • Process: Internal placement for lengthening, achieving success similar to Precice.

    Holyfix Lengthening Technique:

    • Description: Advanced version of Wagner and De Bastiani methods.
    • Process: Nails fixed externally connected to Holyfix device for up to 5 cm limb lengthening.
    • Application: Applicable to both arms and legs.


    Limb lengthening surgery uses different methods—inside, outside, or a mix. Both legs or arms can’t be lengthened simultaneously. One limb is done first, then the other. Surgery can happen together or at different times for upper and lower limbs or right and left sides.

    Wires and nails placed in the bone are secured externally. After a short hospital stay, bones are pulled apart by a quarter millimeter four times a day. This leads to 1mm of growth daily as new tissue fills the gaps. This method can add 7-10 cm in two months.

    The current preferred method is magnetic rod technology. It achieves 1mm daily lengthening using extendible nails controlled by a remote. Later, lengthening pauses for 45-90 days for the soft tissue between bones to strengthen.

    Height lengthening surgery prices in USA start from €90.000. On the other hand, this treatment costs in France and in Germany starts from €60.000. So, Turkey is more affordable as limb lengthening surgery prices start from €55.000.

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Istanbul

    Arthroscopy (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle)

    Arthroscopy is a procedure for joint issues. It’s done in joints like shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. This method is less painful and has a quicker recovery than open surgery.

    A small cut is made near the joint, and a tiny camera called an arthroscope is put in. This camera shows the inside of the joint. The surgeon looks at the images to find and understand the problem. If needed, more small cuts are made for special tools to fix issues like damaged cartilage or inflammation.

    Once everything is done, the tools are taken out, and the cuts are closed. After the procedure, the patient is watched in a recovery area and given instructions for care.

    Arthroscopy prices in USA start from €5.000. On the other hand, this treatment costs in France starts from €4.000, while it starts from €3.500 in Germany. So, Turkey is more affordable as arthroscopy prices start from €3.200.

    Knee Replacement

    Knee replacement surgery helps people with severe knee pain or movement problems. In this surgery, the damaged parts of the knee are taken out and replaced with artificial metal and plastic implants.

    Firsly, you may be given a general anaesthetic (to make you sleep) or a local anaesthetic (to numb the lower part of your body). Surgeon makes an incision in the knee to access the joint and removes or replaces any damaged areas.

    Artificial metal and plastic knee parts are then inserted to create a new joint. The incision is closed with stitches or staples. After surgery, patients are monitored in a recovery room and may start exercises to improve movement.

    Knee Replacement prices in USA start from €27.000. On the other hand, this treatment costs in France and in Germany start from €15.000. So, Turkey is more affordable as knee replacement prices start from €13.000.

    Hip Replacement Istanbul

    Hip Replacement

    Hip replacement surgery is used for people with severe hip pain or mobility problems. It involves removing damaged parts of the hip joint and replacing them with artificial components.

    During a hip replacement, your surgeon will remove part or all of your hip and replace it with a prosthesis. You’ll have a regional anaesthetic before your operation. Regional anaesthesia blocks pain in a large area of your body, but doesn’t put you to sleep completely. Some providers call regional anaesthesia a spinal or epidural block.

    Your surgeon will remove bone and cartilage from your existing hip and replace it with the prosthesis. Hip replacements are usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic.

    Hip Replacement prices in USA start from €30.000. On the other hand, this treatment costs in France and in Germany start from €18000. So, Turkey is more affordable as hip replacement prices start from €11.000.

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    Orthopedic treatment costs in Turkey are affordable. Therefore, the country is a popular destination for medical tourism.

    Yes, Turkish orthopedic surgeons often hold international accreditations, ensuring high standards and board-certified expertise.

    Yes, orthopedic care is available in tourist areas in Turkey. Especially, the country provide medical facilities and healthcare services for visitors.

    You should consider factors like reputation, patient reviews etc. As MedClinics, we’re here to find most popular and reliable clinics for your orthopedic treatments. You can contact us 24/7.

    In Turkey, scoliosis treatment options include non-surgical methods (bracing, physical therapy), surgical intervention, and specialized rehabilitation programs.

    The cost of arthritis treatment in Turkey is often more affordable compared to many other countries.

     Yes, there are specialized arthritis clinics and treatment centers in Turkey. You can easily contact us for fnding them.

    Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey typically involves the use of an external fixator or internal devices. Specialized techniques are applied to gradually lengthen the bone over time.

    The recovery duration after limb lengthening surgery in Turkey varies but generally involves a period of rehabilitation, physical therapy, and close monitoring by healthcare professionals.

    Yes, but the surgery time should be different. Because limb lengthening surgery cannot be performed on both arms and legs at the same time.